Disney Parks Animation Tutorials that Teach You to Draw at Home

You can’t always get to Walt Disney World to homeschool or do fun educational activities. There are fun ways to learn art using Disney at home. Here are some links to Disney Parks animation tutorials that are sure to inspire your inner Disney artist. This way, you can continue to homeschool using Disney Parks long after your WDW vacation.

How to Draw Anna

Frozen is one of Disney’s most popular films of all time and the characters are usually waiting to greet us at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. The next best thing to seeing Anna in person would be to learn how to draw her. This tutorial shows you step by step how to draw Anna under the direction of a real Disney artist. Get really good at it and next time you go you can have her sign it!

How to Draw Elsa

Just like Anna, you can learn to draw Elsa too! Draw them both together on the same page if you can. These Disney Parks animation tutorials are perfect for any Frozen lover.

How to Draw Olaf

You know Olaf is a favorite here in Autismland. We have sensory bags with him in it and Frozen slime just to name a few. He is our favorite snowman. This is also a super easy tutorial to do to make a successful outing for a child who may not have the fine motor control for the more complex Frozen characters.

How to Draw Flynn Rider

If you’ve ever park hopped from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios you know the Boardwalk Inn. This awesome little promenade features an Italian restaurant that, in the morning, becomes a character breakfast featuring Tangled and the Little Mermaid. I think the most fun character to draw is Flynn Rider. The hardest thing is getting the nose right. It’s hard to resist drawing him wrong on purpose. Luckily, this tutorial is great and it shows you just what to do to capture that epic smolder.

How to Draw Winnie the Pooh

When I think of Characters at Epcot, I often remember the characters that are there, but just as often the ones represented there. Once upon a time Pooh did have a photo location in Christopher Robin’s room. It was in the UK pavilion, where Pooh still has a huge presence (and you can even still see the room). Winnie the Pooh is such a distinct character which makes him a lot of fun to learn how to draw.

How to Draw Sorcerer Mickey

Did you know you could meet Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios? He also appears in Fantasmic! in the evening. I love Sorcerer Mickey because he is one of the most iconic versions and he’s the first time the character was completely reimagined. He’s stayed pretty much the same up until around 2012. I love this tutorial because it gives a sense of life and motion to the character.

How to Draw Woody

Ever Since Toy Story Land opened at Hollywood Studios, the park is the new official home for all Pixar characters, especially Toy Story. Woody is like the Mickey Mouse of Pixar. He’s such a great character and we’ve all been through so much with him since he debuted almost 25 years ago. He’s a wonderful character to draw and the hand-drawn version is very interesting take the classic 3D version we’re accustomed to.

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