Information Overload

Is it possible for your brain to explode from too much information? Can you really cram it so full that there is no room left? As a homeschooling mom, I would usually emphatically answer no!!! However, after two days at the National Autism Association Conference in Miami, I would have to answer absolutely.

I have learned so much from this conference. My head literally ached from looking at graphs all day today. But it was an excited ache. Crazy, huh? It’s exciting because I have some solid information that will help Logan. I am always excited to learn about new things. But when those new things turn out to be something that will help my children be healthier and live better lives then that gives me goosebumps.

So, that’s enough of a tease for now. I am going to post about the lectures that I attended this week. I’ll post pics and all that. For now, you can visit this blog to see what lectures she attended .

Oh, and be sure to jump over to Lend4health and leave a loan for one of the children up there, even if it’s a $1. You will change their lives just like our list of lenders changed ours forever!!!!! God is good all the time!