How My Family Uses Halloween To Reach The Lost

How my family uses Halloween to reach the lost. There is this big brouhaha in many circles about whether Christians should or should not celebrate Halloween.  If you’re here looking for that argument then keep clicking.  My personal opinion is that this is a great time to witness to non believers.  How many times a year do random strangers knock on your door for no reason? What better time to preach the Gospel? God literally drops people in your lap. Ray Comfort of Living Waters gets over 100 trick or treaters to his door on Halloween.  100 people will be introduced to the Gospel because he chose not to turn off his porch light.

Up until recently, we have always gone trick or treating in addition to our church’s trunk or treat event.  We didn’t have many children in our neighborhood to pass out candy to anyway.  This didn’t afford us an opportunity to witness except when we were trick or treating.  We would invite people to our church event but that was the extent of it.  Now that the children are, in essence, too old to go trick or treating and we’ve moved across the country, a change in tradition was in order. .

We didn’t have a porch for years in Florida .  It was falling down when we moved in so tearing it down was a major priority. Our house here in Arizona is a corner lot on a well traveled street. A school is located nearby. Children walk past our house on a daily basis. There will be no shortage of them on Halloween. 

One thing we try to do is to make an effort to make our house look like Christians live there from the outside as well as the inside.  For us, this has means writing Bible verses on our sidewalks,  putting crosses and other things that are easily recognizable as being Christian in our bird feeders and on our doors.   You can’t walk past our yard without seeing these items.  They will be a great witnessing tool dispersed among the fall decorationsas people enter our yard.  We are ok with being known as the kooky family with the religious decorations.


Bags of candy with a gospel tract attached is what’s being handed out.  Here’s the kicker for me.  This part is really important.  You have to give out good candy.  You can’t be cheap here.  There are many ways to get good candy at a frugal price in the week’s leading up to Halloween.   You want them to look at the gospel tract attached to the candy.  They are more likely to do that if it’s good candy underneath it.  This also leaves a lasting impression that will bring them back next year for more good candy which gives you yet another opportunity to witness to them.  What is good candy you ask?  Name brand candy like Snickers.,Milky Way, Rolos etc.  Not cheap dollar store candy here. Logan would argue that 3 Musketeers is the way to go here.

The goal is to get a conversation going about Jesus.  If good candy and crazy decorations get that started then so be it.  In the end, I just want to share the Good News with them.  I’m not honoring the devil by participating in trick or treating. I”m building relationships with my neighbors and community.  I’m using the opportunity presented to me to spread the Gospel just like every other day.  I personally believe God will honor those intentions. What Satan means for evil, God will use for good.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.