How Mandy Taught Me To Live All Out For Jesus

 Mandy Kelly of Worshipful Living literally oozed Jesus.  No matter what curve balls life threw at her , she would point people right back at the cross. It was like she didn’t know any other way to be. Jesus pulsed through her veins.
When she was adopting a baby girl and the mom changed her mind, Mandy was understandably heartbroken. At no time did she moan about how unfair it was.  She had every reason to do just that. Nope, she kept reminding us that God had a plan for her and the baby that was bigger and better than anything she could imagine.  When baby Judah came into her life, she rejoiced that God had hand picked her to be his mom. 
Tragically Mandy ,along with her husband, baby and younger daughter, perished in a house fire recently.  I was doing Bible Study with the kids when I got the news.  I was speechless, devastated and in shock all at once. Never in a million years would I have put this story together.  My heart hurt for her older children who were now orphans.

Obviously Mandy didn’t know she was going to die that night. What she did know is that there were certain things she needed to auto schedule on her social media.  Things she wouldn’t need to read  but those left mourning her would most certainly would.  In the following days, we would need to be reminded that Mandy was praising her King. She reminded us that we should be doing that as well in our time here on earth. 
My heart is still heavy at the loss of my friend.  Even in death she has taught me to have my eyes on one place and one place only.  Always on Jesus. May I live up to her expectations as well as be half the witness she was in her life.  I miss my friend but rejoice that I will see her again.