What makes Holistic Dentistry unique?

Having a child with autism means that you have to think out of the box for everything including taking your child to the dentist. Holistic dentistry uses a gently approach to keep your child’s teeth in pristine shape. It’s non use of drills and other dental tools makes it easier on our kids’ sensory needs.

What does holistic dentistry mean?

Holistic dentistry is also called biological dentistry, unconventional dentistry, or biocompatible dentistry. Holistic means it involves alternative procedures different from those used in traditional dentistry. Holistic dentistry uses alternative medical treatments like herbal remedies and other unconventional procedures to treat teeth conditions. Before seeing a holistic dentist you need to educate yourself about the pros and cons. Just like with any other autism treatment, you have to research and decide for yourself if it’s a good route for your child with autism.

What do holistic dentists use for fillings?

The use of dental amalgam fillings is quite common in traditional dentistry. But, holistic dentists believe that these are the primary source of mercury since mercury can stay in your body for a long time and its accumulation can have serious effects on your health. Amalgam is one of the materials used in traditional dentistry, especially for dental fillings. But, it contains a high percentage of mercury, which can exceed 50%. Though there are reports and organizations, including the World Health Organization that dispute the risks posed by amalgam fillings, the effects of mercury, which include damage to the nervous and immune systems can affect your health.

Different from standard dentists who use amalgam and nickel to fill cavities, holistic dentists use composite resin made from healthier materials. Holistic dentists also use minimally-invasive treatments, natural therapies and the latest dental technology, which may include high-tech dental implants, laser treatments and advanced 3D digital x-rays. The treatments enable you to have strong, healthy teeth and help you to maintain a beautiful smile without stressing your immune system.

Your overall health is taken into account

Holistic dentists diagnose the state of both your physical as well as emotional health. A good holistic dentist will diagnose you and help to prevent teeth conditions as well as treat any disease of the oral cavity. When it comes to treatments, holistic dentistry uses only biocompatible and non-toxic materials that are safe. This differs from traditional dentistry where the materials used for the treatment of oral diseases include toxic elements.

Holistic dentists prefer a natural approach and minimize their use of equipment like X-rays to reduce your exposure to radiation. Even when forced to use X-ray equipment, a holistic dentist will use digital x-rays that are lower in radiation to minimize radiation exposure. This, in turn, reduces your risk of diseases like cancer.

Apart from the use of toxic materials, traditional dental procedures like the cleaning of the gums and root canals can create an entry point for bacteria that can get into your bloodstream causing harm. But, holistic dentistry uses natural agents and products during gum cleaning leading to good and healthy oral care. 

The use of high- tech treatments

A holistic dentist might also suggest the use of natural alternatives or herbal products like Azadirachta indica and Ayurvedic herbs commonly known as Neem if you are sensitive to some treatments. Also, other alternatives like the use of Homeopathic remedies and therapy like hypnosis can also be used in holistic dentistry.

What is the difference between a holistic dentist and a regular one?

Your teeth and gums have a huge impact on your body’s overall health. Poor dental care can have adverse effects on the entire body’s health affecting your well-being. Apart from affecting your social interaction, intimacy, and self-esteem, poor oral cavity can pave way for microbial infections that can enter your bloodstream. It can also lead to health complications. For example, many people with diabetes have gum disease and those suffering from periodontal disease have difficulty controlling their blood sugar. Gum disease can also cause premature and low birth weight in babies.

While a standard dentist treats the symptoms of what’s affecting your teeth and gums, a holistic dentist will attempt to stop the symptoms by treating the systems affected. By focusing on what’s causing the symptoms in your mouth and preventing the symptoms from occurring holistic dentists help protect your body’s health. 

A holistic dentist will find the connection between your tooth problem and your body’s health using effective and safe tools and procedures. This includes the use of natural remedies to treat dental problems and strongly opposing the use of amalgam in dental fillings. Apart from good oral hygiene, holistic dentists put emphasis on better nutrition, stopping smoking, and low alcohol consumption for an overall healthy body. 

Maintain good oral health by practicing good dental hygiene and regularly going for dental appointments at least twice a year. Get in touch with the best holistic dentist to find out more about holistic dentists.