Hamilton on Disney+ : Everything You Need to Know

Yes. The news is true! Hamilton is coming to Disney+. This is exciting news for us mega fans of the musical here in Autismland as well as for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet. However, there is already controversy brewing as well as concern over what this means for the future of Disney World. Here is everything we know about the upcoming release of Hamilton on Disney Plus.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Movie Swap

Disney announced that it will release a rushed production of Hamilton 15 months ahead of schedule. Disney originally slated the Hamilton Musical to release in late 2021. Instead, the planned movie release will be streaming on Disney+ July 3, just in time for Independence Day. In related but unconnected news, Warner Brothers pushed back Miranda’s summer release The Heights. They’ll release the film adaptation of his first musical next year.

The film version of the Tony award winning production is shot in the Richard Rodgers Theater, so it will maintain the theatrical context rather than a full-fledged studio production. Photography took place over three days in 2016 and the film features the original cast. This is exciting for us Hamilton fans who did not get to see the Broadway production starring Lin Manuel-Miranda as Hamilton himself!


Will Hamilton be Censored?

Although Disney bought the theatrical rights to Hamilton for a record breaking $75 million, the movie to Disney+ has raised concerns, to put it mildly. Disney+ is still working out the kinks so there is no place yet for more mature content. Splash was Disney’s first foray into making movies with an adult audience primarily in mind. Its inclusion on Disney+ came with censorship to help it adapt to the platform. Fans of the musical are already ramping up about Disney’s likely attempt to censor the production, primarily the language used in the show. Fans have also raised the question of how far Disney will go to censor gun violence.

It’s not yet clear exactly how Disney plans to adapt the film for Disney+, but it will most certainly involve some muted language to preserve the “Family Friendly” position of the platform. Perhaps they plan to release an alternative version later on Hulu? Hamilton fans are certainly anxious about the possibilities.

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How historically accurate is Hamilton the Musical?

Lin Manuel-Miranda has been quoted as saying “felt an enormous responsibility to be as historically accurate as possible,”  That said, the play came about after Miranda read the book, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. While it is pretty accurate, some liberties have been taken within the story to make it more interesting to the audience.

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