Growing World Changers In Your Home

Growing world changers in your home.

In today’s political climate, we often spend time talking in addition to learning about Jesus’ teachings.  Many of them were revolutionary in their day and are still that way today. Servanthood is a lost art in this me culture. Everyone is trying to get ahead by whatever means necessary . Me first is the mantra. It doesn’t matter who they push down or step on to get there either. Our children are bombarded with these images on tv,  in magazines, and  pretty much wherever they look. As parents, it is our responsibility to raise servant leaders. My dear friend, Ida, refers to her kids as world changers. They can’t be world changers without service. Where do they learn servant leadership? By watching the adults in their lives.

Growing World Changers in your home means that the number one thing you can teach your children is how to be servant leaders.


They will know we are Christians.

They will know what we believe.

They will know we are Christians by the love that they see.


My children learned that song for their spring musical many years ago. What a powerful statement of their faith! They learned at a young age what it takes to be a world changer. How do we show love to others unconditionally? By serving them and putting their needs before our own like the Bible tells us in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  While we know that works alone will not get us into heaven, James 2:14 tells us that “faith without works is dead.”   If our example on how to live here in earth is Jesus then we must serve as He did thus allowing God to work through us.

What does this look like?


  • I serve the children by doing their chores when they fall behind in their schoolwork.
  • They serve each other by helping with said chores or by leaving little notes to encourage one another.
  • Sometime they will get stuck on an independent lesson while I am busy with another child. They will ask one of their siblings for help. Said sibling will stop their work to help. A perfect example of servanthood.


  •  Stop what we are doing to help others.
  • Help a stranded motorist. on our way to a field trip.
  • Go clean Grandma’s house. 
  • Going out of our way to say hello to a lonely widow at church.
  • Making volunteer opportunities an integral part of our homeschool whether it be delivering food to others or making cards for the homebound members.
  • Mowing grass for Granny because she’s 102.  You don’t mow grass at 102. 
  • By making Grammy an herb garden like Grampa promised her but died before he could do it.  Even if someone else comes in and ruins said garden for no reason other than to hurt our feelings. We teach our children how to serve others with no expectation of anything in return.  We also teach our children how to be gracious when such service is not appreciated by others.  It is not our job to serve if we deem them worthy.  It’s our job to serve period.
  • See a tired mama.  Offer to bring a meal or have your children help you order pizza for delivery. 
  • Smile as well as teach your children to use the first name of the cashiers and service personnel they interact with . Logan is not taught that he has to look them in the eyes which is impossible for him. He is taught to smile and thank them with their name. 
  • Suspend homeschool in order to babysit for a single mom in need of a last minute helper so she can work. 

Growing World Changers in your home means that the number one thing you can teach your children is how to be servant leaders.

Take time to teach your children to serve even in the midst of autism.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Make sure that they see you serve others.  Turn it into a fun family activity.  Brainstorm ways that you can surprise others with your service.  Take this time to make service as natural as breathing to them. Learning to put others before themselves is a phenomenal trait that will keep your children humble . A long lost trait in this current culture that will definitely differentiate them from others.