Geography Games for Traveling

Traveling is always fun with children, even ones with autism. I truly believe there is no better teacher for our kids than the one traveling provides. Want to learn about a certain place or time in history? Travel to the area or a reenactment to see it first hand. Maybe it’s because I have highly visual kiddos who think in pictures.  We have learned more by traveling than we ever could have learned in a book. 

One of the things we work on while traveling is geography games. Learning to read a map is a natural addition to any travel plans. Why not extend that learning to the geography of not only the place you are going but also the places you travel through to get there? 

A cross country trip in the continental US is a fun time to play lots of games especially in you are traveling by car.  We like to schedule in breaks at rest areas to explore the area with a long walk or hike if possible.  One meal time is scheduled to be long where we grill out at the rest area and play a game.  This gives everyone time out of the car which is important if you still have a bit to go before you stop for the night. If we are close to our destination for the day then we hold off and play games in the hotel room or camper.  Regardless of when or where we stop, a board game is played. This enables the children to start to detox from their electronics that they have been attached to all day in the car while traveling. 

Geography Games For Traveling

Scrambled StatesScrambled StatesMap It USA Geography GameMap It USA Geography GameGeoPuzzle U.S.A. and Canada - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (69 pcs)GeoPuzzle U.S.A. and Canada – Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (69 pcs)Professor Noggin's Geography of the United States - A Educational Trivia Based Card Game For KidsProfessor Noggin’s Geography of the United States – A Educational Trivia Based Card Game For KidsScholastic Race Across the USA GameScholastic Race Across the USA GameTicket To RideTicket To Ride


While we have never been out of the country, we do play games that involve world geography. This is especially true of trips we take often that may have become mundane or boring to drive.  This is a fantastic opportunity to liven things up a bit with some fresh information to learn. If it’s an especially long trip, we will play the USA games one way then the world geography games on the way back.  I like to pick easy games as well as hard ones. Logan will have a hard time sometimes keeping it together in a new place. I try to give him time to pace then ask him to play a game. It’s important that it not take too much executive function skills to participate.  That’s why we introduce new games at home not on the road.  Epcot is a great place to use your newly found world geography skills. It helps to cement the knowledge when they see it in person. It’s also as close to an overseas trip as we can get at the moment.

Ticket To Ride - EuropeTicket To Ride – EuropeTicket To Ride: Rails and SailsTicket To Ride: Rails and SailsBrainbox All Around The WorldBrainbox All Around The WorldProfessor Noggin's Countries of the World - A Educational Trivia Based Card Game For KidsProfessor Noggin’s Countries of the World – A Educational Trivia Based Card Game For KidsMap It WorldMap It World



As you can see, you don’t have to plan out intricate lesson plans to teach your kids geography. Use the time you would waste wisely. Not everything needs to be taught at home or out of a textbook. I guarantee that if you play these games for awhile. your children will learn more than you thought possible.


What are your favorite geography games?