Finding Your Favorite Place To Vacation

Everyone has a different favorite place to vacation. Someone could like a desert island while for someone else, it could in the center of a large city. Most times I am looking for a place with a warm climate and friendly people.

It’s fun to visit places but you know when you’ve found your favorite. It just feels like you should be there. You get warm fuzzies when you think of it.  It has all the amenities you need and is fun. Let’s look at a few places together.

Finding your favorite place to vacation, relax and recharge is an important step in self care. Everyone has a spot they love to visit. What's yours?


Situated in the Indian Ocean the Maldives is often described in travel brochures as a tropical paradise.  The difference with these islands is that it is not just the advertisers that refer to them in this way, but the visitors and tourists as well. Here you will find white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and amazing marine life.  What more could you ask for?

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, which are often referred to as just the Virgin Islands, are a collection of 60 islands in the Caribbean. In spite of the name, and the fact they are British territories, there is nothing very British about the islands at all, unless you count the very scattered offerings of fish and chips.

They are one of the sailing hot spots of the world, so if you are into yachts and boating this could be your paradise. It’s an excellent spot to teach your kids about mariners and all things ocean.

You do not need to be a sailor to enjoy these islands though as there are many other things to do as well. Island hopping is popular, as each one is different. Some are really undeveloped and others have resorts with hotels, bars and restaurants. Something for everyone. 


As one of the most well known Greek Islands, Santorini combines amazing beaches, ancient cities with volcanic landscapes and delicious food and wine. The locals are among the friendliest you will find anywhere in the world, and they welcome tourists and visitors with open arms. I love places where you can explore history while playing at the beach. My nerdy homeschooled kids like those places too.

The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, which happened some 3600 years ago. In recent years it was voted one of the world’s most beautiful islands.


Although this is a Spanish island, Mallorca has a culture all of its own. Most of the population reside in coastal towns and villages, but if you want to see real Mallorcan traditions you need to head to the center of the island.

It has a very diverse history, have once been a Muslim country. However over time, the early Christians built their churches on top of every Muslim place of worship, and there is very little left to show they were ever there. It’s a must visit if you are studying church history.

Its capital city, Palma, is a delight for anyone to visit. With long sandy beaches, clear blue waters, shops, bars and restaurant to suit all tastes, you will find everything you could want in Palma.

Finding your favorite place to vacation, relax and recharge is an important step in self care. Everyone has a spot they love to visit. What's yours?

Its mountain range, the Tramuntana, stretches the full length of the west side of the island and is perfect for hiking or biking. If you are into bird watching, these mountains are one of the few places left in the world where golden eagles still breed. You are also likely to encounter a few friendly mountain goats along the way. 


Where is your family’s favorite place to vacation?