Even young people get attacked!

I learned an important lesson this week with Logan’s camp experience. When you are doing God’s work, it doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Satan will attack you. Satan doesn’t want you to do anything that brings glory and honor to God. Satan will do whatever is necessary and he doesn’t care about your age.

Logan is not a perfect child by any stretch of the imagination. With his autism, he has needs that are sometimes too numerous to list. BUT, he has a heart for God. He really grew in his walk with God last year at camp. The same camp that he is having so much trouble with this year. To be honest, this is what I expected last year. Instead, he sailed through it and learned so much. He has been on fire for God since then and often keeps me focused on Him too.

When I got the call Monday that camp wasn’t working, it broke my heart. I was so discouraged and sad. I cried myself to sleep as I listened to praise music on my mp3 player. It was awful. I hadn’t had a day like that in a long time. It was like the weight of his autism was suffocating me.

Tuesday morning brought the call and the decision to have him at minimum finish out a full day at camp before we made a decision about bringing him home. God gave me Chris on the other line who told me his honest opinion about what was going on at camp. I cried out to God for discernment and did what I felt was best for him. I left him there.

I spent half the night praying and sent out an emergency prayer request to my SS class and they all started praying as well. I cried out to God and told Him that I couldn’t do it alone. It occurred to me at that moment that Logan was under Satanic attack and he needed a hedge of protection around him. He needed healing for the heat rash. If this week was gonna be a success, it would have to be a God thing. I gave it to God and admitted that I couldn’t handle it alone. It’s amazing what happens when you get out of God’s way. lol

Wednesday morning, I broke down around 10:30 and reluctantly called for a Logan update. I anticipated hearing about how it was going better. I got news that was way better. Chris said he was fine. Back to the Logan that he knows. He was the first one up and at the worship center ready to get the day started. All was well at camp. I thanked God. It was amazing. Finally, he can have fun and grow in his walk with God. I suspect though that the lesson this year was more for me. God is good all the time!