Enhancing Constitutional Literacy With Living Books

Successfully teaching Constitutional Literacy means that the student needs to have a firm grasp of what the Constitution means, who plays a part in it, and what some of the complex issues are that need more definition.  Some of these are easily discussed with current events or by playing games and watching videos. Some need more clarification in addition to increased discussion. Hence the reason I went searching for living books to enhance our studies. 

After pouring over the book to plan it out around dance, I came up with an evolving list of living books that would enhance our studies. Some of the books were easily read and discussed in one afternoon. Some took weeks or a month to be properly read, thought about, and discussed in depth. Just like the games and videos became a family affair, book discussions were often animated and lively. My family has a much better understanding of this important document. Adding this book list to Madison’s studies also enables me to give her a whole credit in government. 


 The United States Supreme Court’s Assault on the Constitution, Democracy, and the Rule of Law (Controversies in American Constitutional Law) This Is Our Constitution: Discover America with a Gold Star Father We the People: The Constitution of the United States How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence The Life of Major-General Peter Muhlenberg (Classic Reprint) Won by Love I Am Roe: My Life, Roe V. Wade, and Freedom of Choice Roe v. Wade: The Abortion Rights Controversy in American History, 2nd Edition (Landmark Law Cases and American Society) I, Dred Scott: A Fictional Slave Narrative Based on the Life and Legal Precedent of Dred Scott James Otis the Pre-revolutionist English Bill of Rights (1689) 1 -2: Democracy in America: The Complete and Unabridged Volumes I and II (Bantam Classics) The Constitution of the United States Common Sense (Dover Thrift Editions) The Federalist Papers (Dover Thrift Editions) The Living Constitution (INALIENABLE RIGHTS) Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States (Legal Legends Series) The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution (The Simon & Schuster America Collection) The Constitutional Convention: A Narrative History from the Notes of James Madison (Modern Library Classics) The Bill of Rights: Protecting Our Freedom Then and Now U.S. Constitution and You, The