Continuing Saga of a Giant Marshmallow

When referring to Logan’s lack of muscle tone, I often use the term giant marshmallow. I do that (of course not in his presence because that would be mean) because it really is a great description of it. There is simply no muscle tone there to speak of. This is common in ASD kids and the actual condition is called hypotonia.

It has been six months since we got the loan from Lend 4 Health to pay for ot/pt evaluations. We needed the money to pay the insurance deductible then insurance paid for the majority of it while we paid the co pay ( $27 per week for 3 30 minute sessions). So, we have been going to pt 1x per week and ot 2xs per week. Every six months, we get a reassessments done in an effort to determine if the treatment plan needs tweaking. This is where we found ourselves last week.

Assessments are hard for parents and children. The children are required to do all these tasks and tests to see if goals have been reached. Parents are once again reminded of how far behind their child is compared to other kids their age. This is a bitter pill to swallow sometimes as it reminds me of his disability. No matter how far we have come , assessments always make me feel bad.

This time was different. I felt discouraged and overwhelmed all at once. Waves of sadness and grief washed over me as I watched my 11 yr old not be able to skip or hop on one foot. Things that his 6 yr old sister does easily. As I fought the tears, I was gently reminded that I had given it to God. Once you give it to Him, you forget it. It is no longer yours to worry about or take care of. You give it to Him and you don’t look back (thanks, Travis , for that Sunday School lesson!). Simply put, I was looking back and Satan was having a field day with it. So, with a deep breath, I got on my knees (yes, in the middle of the therapy center) and told God that it was still His. I wasn’t going to look at all the things that needed to be done. I was going to rejoice in the progress that He had blessed us with and be confident in the fact that He has a plan for Logan. It will all work out in His perfect timing, not mine.

Guess what happened then? I started looking for the good things. The accomplishments of the past 6 months are extraordinary:

  1. Logan now runs upright, not hunched forward like a dinosaur.
  2. He can run on the treadmill for 5 mins at 4 mph.
  3. He can walk backward on the treadmill at 2 mph.
  4. He can do 8 jumping jacks in a row!
  5. He can use a knife correctly and cut his own food.
  6. He can catch a ball with both hands and he can throw it back by bouncing it hard enough to get to the other person’s waist.

As his confidence in his physical abilities grows, he is becoming more active. He is joining Madison outside to play more. He is running around with the kids at church more often. He just has way more fun now. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings. We did decide that we would switch the pt to 2xs per week and the ot to 1x per week in an effort to build up his core muscles. This will help with many ot things as well such as writing and reflex. We are looking forward to riding our bikes together this summer!