Celebrating with our church family

Wednesday brought day 4 of our weeklong birthday celebration. It is also our busiest day of the week usually. We have physical therapy, playgroup,JoJo, take Dad to work, church, Target , take JoJo home then Publix. Last but not least, we have to get up in the wee hours of Thursday morning to go get Dad from work. But God smiled on us yesterday.
First, Papa let us use his truck while he is out of work this week for a medical procedure. So we didn’t need to take Dad to work or pick him up. Dad also took Logan to pt for me so I could get some other work done like blogging . lol We did our chores for playgroup but alas no one was able to come. Something came up for everyone. This enabled us to get some lessons done.
Madison then took a break and accompanied Dad to the recycling center to bring the aluminum cans while Logan and I continued with lessons. To say that Logan was none to pleased would be an understatement. But he handled it well.
School is out for JoJo now. We would still need to take him home after church if he came to playgroup. He didn’t. One less thing on our list.
We went to Publix to get the birthday cupcakes to celebrate with her GA friends. First, we had to stop in to the adult Bible study where they sang Happy Birthday to her. Then we brought the cupcakes upstairs. She played and enjoyed her time with them. And their were cupcakes left for day 5 celebration!!!
I still need to go to Target but I couldn’t do it with Madison. I need to take Logan to get her a present too. I don’t know when that is going to happen but it will all work out. All in all, it turned out to be a laid back day ending with celebration. Fun!