Butterflies In Homeschool Can Spark A Love Of Nature

When we moved to Highland City while Logan was in kindergarten , we made the executive decision to leave Logan in his current school placement in Winter Haven.  Children with autism don’t react to change very well. We had just moved from the only home he had ever known near his grandparents to a house clear across town. Changing schools was not an option at that time. 

First grade came so we used the summer break to make the change to our local public school.  I should have ran the other direction when they announced that Logan was the first student with autism that had attended there. Eventually their inexperience with autism would prove to be too much and we would remove him in second grade in favor of homeschooling. Mrs. Morris made it the highlight of their week to work on their butterfly habitat.

Now I ‘m sure she helped the process along by ordering an Insect Lore kit .  One day this beautiful net to put the caterpillars in showed up in their classroom. The children oohed and aahed over it then meticulously checked their garden for them.  Not surprisingly caterpillars showed up on the plants within the next few days.  The children were allowed to pick off the caterpillars when they were big enough to eat the milkweed .  Some children gently picked up the caterpillars while some would gather milkweed.  Each child did their assigned butterfly chore with gusto. Logan liked it so much that we started planting a butterfly garden at home. Much to Madison’s excitement, we got an butterfly habitat at our house too.

This experience sparked a love of nature in Logan that has never been been squelched.  He loves to garden and waits every year for the butterfllies to arrive. When we moved across the country , we ran into a migration of butterflies through Texas.  There were butterfly guts everywhere.  It was so thick I could barely see out the window.  Thankfully we were pulling in to the San Antonio KOA at that precise moment. Before we could even get the RV set up, Logan wanted to see the carcasses.  He looked them over from top to bottom identifying their parts as well as species. 

Never underestimate the little things in your homeschool.  Take time to explore.  Take time to learn through your environment.  Use your child’s interests to foster a love of knowledge. It will be the best thing you can do for your child .

Life cycle of a butterfly worksheets from Living Life And Learning: