Bible Study fun- Day 5

Tonight, we surprised Madison at Bible Study. She knew that we had brought cupcakes for them and received a present from Mrs. Rhonda and Emma. It was a great time.
Every Thursday, Madison and Logan sit with Emma in the parlor at the church while I do a Beth Moore Bible Study. Right now, I am doing Wising Up. Lord knows I could use some wisdom. 🙂 Anyway, these ladies are close to me. They hear my struggles, my praise reports and my failures. They are my prayer warriors for all things especially with Logan issues. I can count on these ladies for everything.
A funny story to how all this started 3 Bible studies ago. I knew that Rhonda would ask me if I was coming so I asked Nana if she wanted to go. I needed a ride as I didn’t want to keep the car 2 nights in a row. I fully expected Nana to say no. Then I could tell Rhonda that I didn’t have a ride and not worry about it. To my great surprise, Nana said yes and we have been going ever since.
Usually I expect my children to do independent work while I am in Bible study. This way, Emma can also do her work. Tonight since we were celebrating, I allowed the children to play board games instead.