Be careful what you teach

We do our occupational therapy at home now. This has been going well. So far, Logan has been receptive to everything that I have asked him to do. Perhaps because it really makes him feel better.

In order to be able to write correctly, there are many muscles at work. One thing that we have been working on is his shoulders and arms. You can’t write for an extended period of time if you have weak arms and shoulders. You get fatigued easily. Makes sense, right?

Amy over at Growing Fruit ( )gave me the wonderful idea of having Logan read laying on his tummy propped up on his arms. We have been doing this for awhile so I decided to up the ante.

Tonight for ot, Logan had to do push ups. I decided to start him doing them standing up using the door to do the push up. This is the easiest way and he feels really successful here. We want him to build up strength and feel competent. He has been such a trooper walking the trails with me and doing pool work without complaining. He is building up some extremely positive episodic memories of exercise. The more confident he feels then the more he is willing to try. Make sense?

I decided to do some push ups with him tonight (Did I mention that I am trying to lose weight?). Logan went first and I patted his belly and told him to tighten up and use his tummy muscles to keep his body straight. I patted his tummy a couple of times during his first set of 10.

So, he stands next to me as I start mine and counts. As I heard him say 3, I felt his hand tap my tummy. Giggling he says, “Tighten up your tummy Mom and use it to help you”. Smart aleck. He gets that from his father.