Awana awards

Our Awana awards ceremony was in the beginning of June but I haven’t had a chance to post all about it with camp and Madison’s birthday week and all.  So here is the better late than never edition. 
Little Travis gave a rounding sermon on the armor of God.  It was phenomenal!

Swae is up there front row between the two adults.  She is too cute for words.

JoJo got his final award for Sparks.  Next year he will be moving up to TNT with Madison.

Here is Madison getting her many awards.  She got both service project pins, the silver and gold award plus  the award for finishing the book.  This means that she memorized over 100 Bible verses in addition to completing 4 service projects and several other hands on activities.  We are so proud of her.

Then we all went next door to the ministry center where we fellowshipped together with friends and family.  Chicken tenders and ice cream were eaten with gusto.

After the meal, the adults played the game, Are You Smarter than a Clubber?  None of the adults won against the kids.  Madison participated in her class event.

Notice that Logan did not participate.  He finished out Awanas last year.  He could have participated as a helper this year but we decided against it.  Sometimes things don’t work for your child no matter how hard you try.  It’s a fact of life when you have a child with autism.  You just accept it and  move on.  That’s what we did in regards to Awana with Logan.