Autism Action Month

I love Crissy. She always knows how to say exactly what I am thinking. It’s like she has a direct line to my brain. I know. That’s a scary prospect. lol
Click on the link above and read what she has to say. She has a great point. We don’t need an autism awareness month. Of course, you know by now that April is Autism Awareness Month. Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of autism. Let’s quit spouting facts to people and get some action done.
In the past few months, I have had several friends find out that there children have autism. They are still in the dark days of autism. They aren’t looking for awareness. They want answers. They want to know why insurance companies aren’t paying for therapies. They want to know where to go for information on how to help their children. They want reassurance that their child will be alright. They are already painfully aware of autism.
Then there are the parents that have been in the trenches for awhile. They are using up retirement funds to pay for therapies. They spend hours online researching cutting edge treatments and how to pay for them. They fight for the proper school placement and basic educational services. Things that should be provided but aren’t without a fight.

This month, take some time to do some autism action.

  1. This can take the form of calling or writing your congressman and demanding that insurance start paying for therapy.
  2. It could be bringing dinner to a family with autism that you know.
  3. Know a family at church with a child with autism? Walk up and tell them that you admire them for all they do.
  4. Offer to sit with the child during service.
  5. Attend an autism walk.
  6. Donate money to NAA or Lend4health or Taca.
  7. All organizations that directly help families.
  8. Contact Autism Speaks and ask them to spend less money on studies that have already been done and more on helping families.

Leave me a comment and let me know what action you are taking this month. I’ll keep you updated on my actions. I love this shot of Logan because it reminds me of how far he has come to get out of his shell of autism. He no longer fits in that shell. Wow!