Are you paying attention?

Yesterday, we met a friend and her family at Disney. She has children with autism as well. It was pretty evident that we had both prepped our kids for the meetup as both boys went looking for the other one. lol I was kinda discouraged when Logan first met up with Noah as he just started talking like Noah should know him. When Noah didn’t respond, Logan really had no clue what to do. Absolutely none.

Lucky for Logan, supermom aka me , was there to help him work through the intricacies of that situation. It was a real eye opener in that even though we have come so far, there is still a long way to go. One of my wishes for Logan is to have long term friends. Clearly, we need to continue to work on social skills.

A little while after the conversation fiasco, Logan was waiting in line behind me as I ordered lunch. He was talking to Michael aka Dad just fine. The conversation went back and forth well. I must admit that I only halfheartedly listened as they were talking about Halo,a video game. Since I don’t play video games , I was not interested. Several minutes later, Michael told me at the table that Logan had tapped him on the shoulder twice while they were talking. Seeing the perplexed look on my face, he explained that he had looked away and was people watching as he was bored waiting for the food. Logan referenced his face, saw he wasn’t paying attention, then proceeded to do something to get his attention. How cool is that?

So, yes there is work to do as always. When it comes to autism, no skill comes easily. I am so blessed though to be working on these skills now. I remember when he was so much younger and we had to teach all the self help skills like eating with a fork or drinking from a cup. I still have nightmares about buttons on shirts or the sun shining in my car windows.

Sometimes I get discouraged by looking at all the work that still needs to be done. In fact, I need to be looking at all the milestones that we have already achieved. Yes, I need to keep my eye on the future but not at the expense of the present. I must trust that God has a plan for Logan. His plan,not my plan is what matters most. God is good all the time!