Angel in Disguise

Logan and I got up early this morning (well, early for us) to go to the church’s food pantry to help make up the Christmas food baskets for the needy. I left Madison home sleeping because I knew that I would need to shadow Logan and to scaffold accordingly. God had other plans for us this morning.

On the way to the church, our tire went flat. Not a little flat like you can drive to the parking lot , but stop the car immediately and fix it flat. I am so not good at changing tires. Not even a little bit. As I tried to get someone I knew to answer their phone, I flopped back into the car. I looked at Logan and said , “This is the Devil trying to get us to not help at the food pantry”. Logan agreed just as we heard a voice say” Can I help you?”. There stood a road maintenace guy ready to fix our tire. 10 minutes later, we were on our way.

As Logan and I ventured on to church, I remarked how God took care of us. Even though the Devil threw a wrench in our plans, God knew that we were going to do good things and to serve Him through service to the less fortunate. Logan agreed and we talked about how God is good all the time!

This makes me thankful for how far we have come in our autism journey. I never imagined in a million years that I would be explaining and teaching such an abstract concept to Logan like God. A few years ago, I didn’t think that he would ever get it. We began going to church because I needed a break from him. I needed time to breath and not think about autism even if it was only for an hour and half each week. I was stressed and overwhelmed. I was ready to throw in the towel and quit.

God had other plans for me and Logan. He used Logan to get me to church. He brought me to a wonderful caring church that truly epitomizes the love of God. He put people in my path to help me along my journey. I have discovered that I have to give it to Him. It is what it is as the old saying goes. You know what? The more I gave it to Him, the more at peace that I became. I try to keep my eyes on Him and seek Him daily and He takes care of everything, including autism. Will Logan recover completely? I don’t know but if he follows God’s plan for his life then we can call it a success. All the angels will rejoice! So , next time you feel the Spirit nudging you to help someone out, just remember that you could be their angel in disguise!