Affordable Learning Apps For Autism

A smartphone or tablet can be used for therapy, communication or scheduling . It’s one way to get these necessary items done cheaper at home than with a professional .  Using the technology we have available is one way we can recycle what we already own to use for something our child needs. Let’s discuss affordable learning apps for autism that we know work as well as how to afford them.



Affordable Learning Apps For Autism


This communication app is the holy grail by which all other communication apps are compared.  It’s uber expensive at almost $200.  Not saying it’s not worth its’ price, just that’s a wad of cash.  The best time to get it is during April when they discount it for Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) to half price.  Always check for it then or see if your speech therapist will recommend insurance pay for it.

Duolingo Kids

Duolingo kids is an amazing way app for children to learn new languages. Whether your child is interested in English, Spanish or French; with this app they’ll be speaking the lingo in no time. The lessons are based on games so your kids will be having plenty of fun while learning. There are also lots of cute animated characters to help them along their way! Duolingo helps your kids to build up expressions and sentences, and repeat those often until they get a real grasp of the language. You can use the app both online and offline, plus it’s easy to use on-the-go and wherever. 

Set it to English and use it for speech therapy practice to enhance what you’re doing or for a doing therapy at home option.


Spellwick is a magical spelling game, where your kids get to earn ‘witch money’ within a time limit (set by the magic wand). Your kids will defeat evil wizards, while perfecting their spelling and playing magical karate! Spellwick focuses on the spelling 300 of the most commonly used words in English, including plenty of high frequency words. If you’re looking to help your child with spelling, Spellwick is definitely worth a try.

Wizarding world matching game is a fun way to work on functional memory. Using characters your child knows and enjoys helps make this task fun.

Autism Apps

The handy app is FREE! It’s an app that details all the apps designed for people with special needs. My favorite part is that it reviews them as well allowing you to get a glimpse into the app’s strengths and weaknesses before purchasing. This can be a lifesaver for seeing if an app will do what you need it to do.

My Tutor Lab

My Tutor Lab is an on-demand tutoring app, simply download and search ‘math tutor near me’ and you’ll have a tutor within a matter of minutes! You can book one-offs, repeat sessions, or create a schedule with your favourite tutor. You can have your tutoring session at your home, a friend’s or even at the library! From math to English, history or science; whatever your child is struggling with, one of the excellent tutors can help get them up to speed.

This is a great way to get an assessment of where your child is in relation to his peers. The tutor can spend some time working with your child and give you some ideas on how to work on their weaknesses. Sometimes it takes a tribe to homeschool autism

National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic Kids app is an excellent magazine where your children can read about science, animals, geography, archaeology and more. There are project ideas for your kids to make things plus regular competitions- which are pretty exciting! You’ll find cool quizzes, jokes and puzzles, photo games and lots more.

It’s a fun app that will keep kids busy while waiting for all those therapy appointments. It’s educational too.


Mixerpiece is an award winning app designed by artist Giuseppe Ragazzini. The app functions as a digital board with hundreds of shapes and items that your kids can use to create art pieces. Along the way, they’ll also learn about art history. The objects that you can mix together are mostly taken from famous art pieces. Simply click on the object and you can learn about which painting the item was originally from. When your children are all finished, they can save their art or send it as a postcard.

You get the added benefit of fine motor work as they move the pieces around. I find this works best on an iPad or tablet.


Need a resource for visual schedules and timers?   ChoiceWorks allows your child to follow along  visually what is happening.  This enables transitions to go smoother.  We all know children with autism think in pictures.

Social Stories Creator and Library

FREE! An app for creating, sharing, and printing educational stories, visual schedules and other items.  There are in app purchases so always know what you are clicking on. It helps to be able to get an appropriate social story for your situation.

Autism iHelp

FREE! There are several versions with different categories. Developed by parents with the help of their speech pathologist, it helps work on expressive language skills which can be deficient in children with autism. It offers in  app purchases as well.

Autism Parenting Magazine

An online magazine that lets you read the articles in an app on your phone. The app is free to download with the purchase most likely being the actual magazine. Great magazine. Highly recommend you subscribe.


Sesame Street and Autism

A FREE app that has videos as well as articles for both children and parents to learn more about autism awareness.  Who doesn’t love Sesame Street?

Let’s talk for a few minutes about how to afford apps that may be beneficial for your child.  Most of the apps listed above are for iPhone, iPad or iPod.  I’m not saying Android has bad apps.  I know that the Apple ones are tested before approval.  This makes it less likely that you are going to purchase an app that completely doesn’t work.  The best time to buy an Apple product is either the back to school sales or Black Friday sales.  Be bold in telling your family and friends which ones would be beneficial for your child with autism.

Some of them are certainly available in the Google Play store for Android. We are an Apple family so I can attest to that facet.

How to afford the apps?  iTunes gift cards.  Ask for them for every major holiday.  Target often has them on sale for 15% off then use your Redcard for an extra 5% off as well.  Sam’s Club often has discounts on them as well.  What I have often done is to set aside a few dollars or  just a dollar every week to buy them when they are on sale. You could apply this same concept to the necessary item to save up while you wait for the best sale.

Point is that apps can be an integral part of your child’s autism action plan. You just need to be smart about when and how to purchase them. No app is worth going broke or going into debt.  Apps are a tool to be used to make life with autism manageable. Be smart in how and when you purchase them.



Autism can be be money sucker for your family finances. Join us as we discover ways to afford helping our children and live at the same time.