A great way to get supplements

Remember when I told you that there are several great ways to get the supplements that your child with autism needs at a local level. Often our kids have restricted diets. messed up guts and massive inflammation that can be worked on naturally. Supplements are one way to do just that. And if you happen to see a DAN ( Defeat Autism Now! ) doctor, it is highly likely that he or she will suggest a whole litany of supplements to get your child on asap. This can be very expensive.
If you happen to live in the southeast portion of the US, you may be lucky enough to have a Publix near you. Well, this month, Publix is having a great sale on Sundown vitamins. You can score really cheap vitamins or supplements. Here are a couple of scenarios:
You can use both coupons on the same item. Publix allows the stacking of a manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons or competitor’s coupons.

Sundown Vitamins (folic acid and Vitamin D are common needs for ASD kiddos. These would be $2.99 a bottle)

Advantage buy flyer $6/2 (already makes them free!)

Manufacturer $3/2 Print

This makes this a $3 moneymaker. You could of course pick other vitamins that you need that vary in price. By using these coupons, you get $9/2 bottles. This sale is good until 3/26/10.
CoQ10 and B12 are also a great price with this sale.
Don’t have a Publix near you? I’m really sorry for you because it is an awesome grocery store. Anyway, check out Walgreens and CVS. They have great sales as well.