5 Ways to Reconnect With Your Spouse


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Now that you know it’s important to make your marriage a priority, do you know what that looks like?  Do you need ideas on ways to make your spouse the  most important person in your life second only to God?  Are you just needing ideas to liven up your relationship making it more fun and happy?  Lucky for you, I have a few ideas that have worked for me.


1.  Find your spouse’s love language and speak it often!  Mine is acts of service.  Nothing says I love you to me than seeing the dishes done without asking or something done off his to do list.  His is physical touch so I have to remember to hug him or sit close to him on the couch.  Hold his hand and kiss him often.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.   Seriously, your life will be so much easier once you know what says I love you to your spouse the most


2. Take time to go on a date regularly.  In our dark days of autism, there were absolutely no funds for date night.  None. Zip. Zilch.  We still needed to take time out of the house together sans kids. Walk in a park, holding hands. Go to a free local event like a car show or art festival.  Heck, sometimes we simply ran errands or went to the grocery store together.  The point is to get out without the children and spend time as a couple.  It doesn’t matter what you do just that you do it together


3. Leave love notes in secret places.  I like to leave little notes in his freezer suit pocket or in his truck where he will find them unexpectedly.  He doesn’t do it back but it’s ok.


4. Study your Bible together.  Seriously, nothing will draw you closer as a couple than chasing after God together.  If you can’t do any other ideas then do this one. Pray as a couple as well.  Hold hands and take turns praying for your children and each other.


5. Learn more about something that interests him but not necessarily you. I don’t play video games.  They are a colossal waste of time in my opinion.  Michael , on the other hand, plays frequently.  We still giggle about the time I tried to play Call of Duty with him and couldn’t get the stupid man on the screen to move.  It was extremely frustrating for me but he thought it was the sweetest thing .

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