5 Ways To Battle Yeast In Children With Autism

5 ways to battle yeast in children with autism is a common topic of discussions at autism conferences. We have fought with yeast in Logan’s gut for years. I am happy to report that it looks like we have finally won the battle and the war BUT it took years. Quite literally years.

5 ways to battle yeast in children with autism shows you ways to battle yeast. This is a common medical issue in children with autism.


At a National Autism Conference I attended, Dr. Buckley , who is a MAPS doctor, presented a phenomenal seminar on yeast management. She clearly outlined her protocol for yeast eradication in layman terms. I left that plenary educated as well as empowered to help Logan in his ongoing battle with gut dysbiosis.

5 Ways To Battle Yeast In Children With Autism

  1. You have to remove all offending foods. In our case, anything that Logan craved was out. As in if he asked for it repeatedly then we took it out of his diet. Yeast will cause the child to crave foods that feed it. Don’t feed the yeast then it dies off. Sounds simple but don’t get excited. This is the first step of many. We did a food allergy panel through Great Plains Laboratory.  Anything that came up as sensitive was taken out of his diet.  Yes, this was extreme.  We had to be at that moment.  He was suffering with some severe yeast overgrowth that was painful.
  2. Here are some herbal yeast management ideas. Be forewarned that yeast die off can be extreme. It may lead to tummy aches, explosive diarrhea, general grumpiness etc. This tells you that it’s working. Ride it out and remember that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.  ALWAYS start low and go slow with dosage.
  • Garlic– (1-2 fresh cloves or pills daily). I cook with A LOT of garlic. If it is a savory dish then most likely it has garlic added to it. Garlic pills will work just as well without the garlic breath.
  • Caprylic acid ( 500-1000 mgs with meals)
  • Oregano oil (0.2 ml 2x/day)
  • Grapefruit or citrus seed extract (1/3 adult dose) be forewarned that this tastes nasty so you will need a strong juice to mask it. It also burns the throat so a little bit at a time.
  • Saccaronmycees boulardii (3- 6 capsules /day) which is a probiotic.  We happen to use ProBio 5 by Plexus as it has the aforementioned grapefruit seed extract as well.  Two birds with one stone sort of thing.

        3.There are several prescriptions that can be written for defeating yeast too. You need to take these under the                  care of a doctor .

        4. Hbot was a game changer for us. Logan struggled with some severe yeast issues in his gut and brain. . Oxygen             kills yeast.  Oxygen crosses the blood brain barrier. 100 dives later and it got us over the hump for our battle                 with yeast.

         5. Cooking with coconut oil proved to be a great yeast fighter as well. Remove sugar and high carb foods.                            Basically anything that feeds the yeast. Use raw honey  as it won’t feed the yeast either. 

As I mentioned earlier, yeast die off can be stressful. The child will feel yucky. Once you get the yeast out, be strict about maintenance. Keeping yeast out is easier than getting it out after it is established. Maintenance is always less brutal than expulsion. Once you see how much better your child feels with the yeast out, you will be sold out on it.  The first time a full moon passes and you don’t notice will make maintenance an absolute. 

I am not a doctor nor do I play one on this blog. I am simply relaying what I have learned and used with my own child. Dr. Buckley has not seen your child either. So, seek a doctor’s care before you start anything with your child. Just be forewarned that you may have to educate the doctor first.