31 Days of Homeschooling Using Disney Parks : Literature Selections




Today let’s talk about literature selections for Magic Kingdom.  There are a plethora of stories in this park . 


We read the stories as read alouds during our homeschool time or listened to the audio version . Jim Dale does an amazing audiobook for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Peter Pan.  Highly suggest them for while you are driving to Disney or on a long road trip.  After reading the stories, we watched the Disney movies to see how they compared.  The next time we visited Magic Kingdom, we sought out those characters or rode the ride it pertained to and did another comparison between the actual story and the Disney version.   Walking through the Swiss Family Treehouse was fun as was playing on Tom Sawyer Island.  The children had a new appreciation for the attractions now that they understood the background better.

Want a unit study or printable to go with the books?  I have several pinned on to my Homeschooling Using Disney Parks board.  Hop on over and check them out.  


Disclosure:  By purchasing using the links above, you are helping me to pay for our Disney annual passes where we can play and learn.  We appreciate it and always hope that we make enough to buy a Mickey bar too. Thanks!



Day 1 : Overview

Day 2: Haunted Mansion