3 Ways To Bless Grandparents


In honor of Grandparent’s Day coming up on Sunday, I thought I’d talk about 3 ways to bless grandparents this week.   Grandparents can be tough to bless especially when they are cantankerous or have everything .  Everyone can be blessed .  Sometimes you have to look at bit harder and work at it .


1.  Send handwritten notes from your children on a regular basis.  You know all that art you seem to accumulate?  Throw one or two in the envelope for good measure.  Aim to do this once a week.


2.  Go to their house and do their yard work. Can’t do it yourself?  Hire someone to do it on a regular basis.   We like to plant flowers at the grandparent’s house so they think of us when they bloom.  Let’s face it. They really don’t need to be out in the heat or cold doing outside chores.


3. Make it a priority to see them on a fairly often basis.  Especially if you don’t like them very much.  You show your spouse and your children how much you love and care for them by loving and caring for their family.  You tell them, “Hey, you’re important enough to me that I’m willing to love your family even though I don’t care for their personalities. “


For the record, you don’t need a grandparent locally to do any of these.  Go to  a local nursing home, pick a lonely widow or widower then adopt them.  Make it a point to see them once a month .  Do these things to bless them. You will be blessed in return.


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