104 Days Of Summer Vacation

“104 days of summer vacation until school comes along just to end it.”  This is the opening song to our favorite cartoon, Phineas And Ferb .   It only seems appropriate that it is our theme song for Logan’s last summer vacation  Normally we homeschool year round which gives us time to do massive field trips during the year. Not this summer though.


How we plan to spend our 104 days of summer vacation


This is to be a summer to remember.  It’s our last one together as a family in the Rogers Academy.  We are taking all 104 days of summer vacation to celebrate. From Disney, our epic travel adventures to just plain chilling at home, we will relish in our time together.  Just hanging out with each other.  No school obligations.  Simply spending time enjoying each other’s company while doing fun things. It will culminate on the Tuesday after Labor Day when Madison and I hit the books alone for the first time ever. 


104 days of summer vacation


Want to see what we have planned?  Since you  insisted, I’ll throw out some ideas in no special order. 

  • beach, beach, beach.  As in lots of trips to the beach
  • Walt Disney World for a few hours here and there. Ride a few rides or see a parade , stop at Starbucks then vamoose before it gets over the top hot. 
  • Lowry Park Zoo
  • Pool time complete with a new volleyball net
  • Friends over for sleepovers
  • Epic summer trip involving moving my bestie and her family from Maryland to Arizona
  • sperlunking in the only underground caves in Florida 
  • trips to the springs to go tubing
  • free movies at the Cobb
  • ice skating at the Lakeland Center
  • Free bowling
  • gardening
  • rebuilding  the chicken coop
  • replanting the butterfly gardens
  • camping
  • sleeping until noon then not getting out of our pajamas all day
  • Board games
  • Dive In movies
  • get togethers with friends for bbq or games
  • Reptile Expo
  • stopping the ice cream truck


Of course , down time is scheduled in as well. I don’t want it to be the summer to remember because Logan ended up so overwhelmed that he couldn’t function.  That would not be the smartest decision ever in my life.  While I want to forget autism, it will rear it’s ugly head in the form of  dysregulation , meltdowns, and general tomfoolery if we don’t make time for rest.   For us  this means that there has to be time built into our schedule where there are no demands placed on Logan.  These times also have to be consistent so he knows he will have time to chill. 

Make time to make special summer memories. They don’t have to be elaborate.  Your summers will be gone in the blink of an eye.


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