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We are nearing the stage in our homeschool when Teacher Mom is not needed as much anymore.  This is a bittersweet moment for me.  I enjoy teaching my children.   It saddens me that they are moving toward adulthood at what seems to be at the speed of light.  While it saddens me to no end, it’s an inevitable part of childhood.  I want to teach my children how to be hard working independent adults while they are here in my home.


Last week’s Sunday School lesson was all about working as for the Lord regardless of whether people are looking or not.  This is a trait that I dearly want to instill in my children.  One that I need to practice myself.  Seriously, who cleans off the coffee table for the third time in a week with a happy heart?  Let me confess that it was not this mom.  I grumbled quite a bit when it needed doing the third time.  My chores seem never ending at time and repetitious so grumbling as become the norm for me.  Who wants to remember a mom who grumbles?  Besides, by seeing me grumble and do a half baked job because I don’t want to do it yet again is teaching them to do the same when it comes to their work.  Thus making my job harder and more repetitive .  Can you see the viscous cycle we are stuck in here?

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It behooves me to teach the children how to finish their independent work without me as well as to do it well whether or not I am out to check it.   This is a gargantuan feat so I must break it down into manageable steps or it will not be achievable for us.  First, we must work on everyone getting their independent work done,well independently.  This will mean that I expect one subject at a time to get done without me harping on them to do it.   This will be as hard for me as it is for them.  We are always behind in lessons although somehow all the children score well on their end of year evaluations.

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The first subject to start with is math.  Stands to reason that this subject would be first since Dad teaches it in the Rogers Academy.  There is simply no reason I should be handling this at all.  The expectation is that they will do the lesson  & have Dad check it before he goes to work every day.   After one subject, we move on to another.  They are then responsible for two subjects every day.  Done and checked by either Dad or I. We keep going until they are doing all of them independently .



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This is where we currently are in our homeschool.   While Logan has certainly gotten the hang of it quicker than the littles, he still has work to do.  As we all do, he leaves the work he doesn’t like until last.  I can’t tell you how I struggle with eating the frog in my own personal life.  We have been struggling with this for awhile. Time to cement this habit and move on to others with him.  Madison and JoJo are still at point A.   I could deal with a homeschool full of Logans.  I’m really struggling with the other two.  Seriously.  I must remember their age and developmental level.  It’s tedious work now but the benefits later in our homeschool and in their life will be tremendous.  That will make all this worth it.  Eventually.





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    I’m in the same spot that you are. I don’t grumble about things so much as I just procrastinate and avoid them! lol But instilling those self-starting independent study habits are one of those things that I have to do. These boys also avoid what they don’t like, my Spectrum kid takes for….ev….er…. to do a lot of things (especially anything with a pencil!) and don’t get started for the day until about an hour/hour and a half after I really would like them to. It’s a process. We are using a lot of online or on-computer curriculum this year and it seems to be helping. Less for me to do, more for them to do (6th & 8th grades) but also more falls on their shoulders. I’m still figuring it out. :)

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    And, once they are fully independent, you will have opportunities that God gives you: grandchildren, church, perhaps a school or tutoring. You just never know what He has planned.

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