Are You Praying For and With Your Children?

One of the things I want to give my children as they grow is a strong spiritual life.  I want them to walk with God always as a child so it’s so much easier as an adult.  As a Christian who didn’t have a strong spiritual upbringing, I want better for my children.   I want quiet time with God and prayer to be second nature to them .  As natural as breathing when they are adults.



One area that I am sorely lacking is my prayer time.  I need to spend more time with God in prayer.  I need to bathe my children in prayer every morning.  More importantly, I need to pray with them.  Children’s prayers are so sweet and pure.  They talk to Jesus like He’s their best friend. As it should be , of course.  It’s us adults that make prayer difficult.

Children need to know that you are praying for them .  They need to see God at work in your life and theirs too.  A great way to highlight God at work is to ask them if there is something specific you can pray about for them.


  •  Are they struggling in an area?

  • Are they worried about someone or something?

  • Is there a big event coming up for them?

  • Do they have concerns?

  • Are you praying for their future spouse and do they know it?


Let them see you write these requests in your prayer journal.  Periodically ask them for updates to their requests.  Write that in your journal too.  Take time to reflect on past requests with them highlighting how God answered or led them to something else.

It’s important to pray with them as well.  I send the children to bed thirty minutes apart.  I could easily take a few minutes with each child to stop and pray with them.  I don’t have to come up with anything elaborate.  Just pray over them while allowing them to verbalize their prayers too.  What a special time that will be when they look back on their childhood!  What a phenomenal way to discover what’s on their hearts !  What a great way to help them develop the discipline of prayer while working on it myself!    Imagine how blessed I will be after spending an hour and a half praying off and on.  I think I may be more blessed than them.

What do you do to let your children know you’re praying for them daily?  Do you indeed pray for them often?  How do you train your children in this important habit?