The Summer of the Beach


We live in Florida.   At my house, we are less than 30 minutes at any given time from a beach.  A little longer if we want to visit the Atlantic but I could be at the Gulf of Mexico within the hour.  It’s with my head hung in complete shame that I confess my youngest daughter had not been to the beach until she was 10.  Yep, 10.  In my defense,  my child with autism hates the beach.  As in , sensory overload.  In order to take the girl to the beach who loves it, I have to make other arrangements for the boy who hates it.  Seemed like a ton of work to me so I never did it.  In all honesty, that’s not fair to the girl .  This is the summer I change that for her.

Want to see how I change it for her?  Hop on over to see my article this month at Homeschool Mosaics!



Using Essential Oils For Autism Part 3

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For those of you that have been following this series on Essential Oils,  WELCOME BACK! For those of you just joining us, feel free to read the past posts to catch up!

I am not an expert on oils and I am learning new things about them each and every day. I can share with you what I have tried and how they have worked for my family.  Essential Oils may work different for each and every person. So what you get here, is my families’ testimonies of how Young Living Essential Oils has helped us.



My last 2 guest posts have been about my daughter and how we have used EO’s to help her with day to day functions since she has been diagnosed with Autism and Pica. I will continue to share more of these testimonies as well as how EO’s generally help our family.

So, let’s  get started!



Recently we have had a lot of things happening at home. Some of the changes include taking our daughter someplace new for therapy and introducing new PCAs.  I have noticed that my daughter started to battle with the changes and was becoming very anxious. So, the next oil we introduced to her was Valor.  Valor is an empowering blend that promotes feelings of strength. We personally apply this oil topically on her wrists.  When I added Valor, her moments of anxiety decreased.  She seems to be more courageous as she is introduced to “new” things.  This is also Mommy’s favorite oil!  Being a mom of an ASD child, I deal with a lot of people in and out of our home and life. Using this oil for myself has given me the ability to better stand up for myself and for my children.


In Essential Oils Part 2 post you heard me talk about how we tend to have some very active times in our home as well as the lack of sleep we deal with. I mentioned in that post how Lavender and Cedarwood were the first additions to help with relaxation and sleep.  We love these 2 oils!  Another great oil that we use for this is Peace and Calming.  Peace & Calming is a gentle and fragrant blend. When used, it helps calm tension, helps you to relax, and may help you get a better nights sleep.  I personally choose to diffuse this oil in our house. This way ,not only do both my children reap the benefits but my husband and I do as well. I will use this oil during those very active “bouncing off the wall” moments to help calm the kids down, and at night to help us all wind down and prepare for bedtime. My husband and I sleep really well when peace and calming is diffused.


Not only does Young Living offer Essential Oils but they offer many other great products including supplements. So when we made the decision to add a supplement to our daughters routine we chose NingXia Red.  The health benefits include support from head to toe, via a whole body nutrient infusion. We mix this juice in sparkling water, orange juice, or sometimes in a smoothie.  I am thrilled that it is helping her expand her everyday diet.  It can still be a struggle to get her to eat new foods, but each day is a little bit better. YAY! No more just PB & J!  My favorite testimony for her with NingXia Red is that her Pica behaviors have significantly reduced. Wahoo! For those of you that do not know what Pica is you can get a better understanding here:

Essential Oils benefits everyone in our house and we have been able to use for so many situations other than just helping our daughter grow and learn. We also had the opportunity to use the essential oils after taking our son to the doctor for a deer tick bite.  I was fully ready to do whatever the doctor said we needed to do.  The doc wanted to treat for Lyme Disease but treatment options were limited due to his age.  I then shared with him that we use Essential Oils and the doctor encouraged me to use the oils recommended for Lyme Disease. So I did my research and it has given me much peace of mind to be able to still treat my son.  For further information on this, please contact me directly and I can share with you what the reference guide recommends.

Can you see yourself incorporating Essential Oils into your home?

Can you see how easy it may be to use Essential Oils?

Would you like to see if Essential Oils may benefit you and your family?

I would love to help you get started on your Young Living Essential Oils Journey!  You may contact me at for details on how to get started!
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The posts, testimonies and information provided on this site are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease or illness. Please be sure to always check with your health care professional before altering any prescription medication or starting a new health care regiment regardless. The suggested use of essential oils on this page are YOUNG LIVING EXCLUSIVE. We cannot be held responsible for damage done thru the use of off brand or synthetic essential oils, supplements or homeopathy suggested on this page. INGESTING SYNTHETIC or PERFUME GRADE essential oils is highly dangerous. These bottles are labeled “NOT for internal use”. Young Living essential oils are MEDICINAL grade, used internally in over 50 U.S. Hospitals and, will be noted on the label as “GRAS” by the FDA for internal use or as a food additive. 

Using Essential Oils For Autism Part 2


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Using Essential Oils for Autism

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This is a guest post by a Facebook friend, Nancy.  She messaged me about her experiences using essential oils with her daughter with severe autism.  I asked her to write a guest post about it to share with all of you.   There are links in here to her essential oils site.  If you click […]

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Mosaic Review # 17: Writing With Sharon


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