Using Essential Oils For Autism Part 2

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The second post in our series on Essential Oils brought to you by guest poster, Nancy.  I am learning so much along with you about the fascinating effects these oils can have on our children with autism.  Thanks Nancy !

I am so excited to continue sharing with you how Essential Oils are changing our lives in our family!  If you read part one then you know that my daughter has autism and EOs are changing her world. I hope you enjoy this addition and that it helps you understand ways you may be able to continue to help your own child; or maybe you will choose to use EOs to better your own health and wellness.





In Essential Oils Part One I wrote about lavender, peppermint, and vetiver.  Be sure to go back and read that post  since it will give you a good idea of where to start. In this post, I will share the oils we added next to her regimen.




Before I start going thru these different oils I would like to quickly explain different ways EOs can be used. First I want to be clear – I personally choose to use Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living has their own farms, they test their oils AND have a third party test them to make sure they are of the highest quality. I know they are of therapeutic grade and how they can be used. I cannot recommend for how you can use essential oils from other companies. I can tell you that if a bottles states “Not for Internal Use” or “Do Not Ingest” that you should not even put these oils onto your skin.  Young Livings oils can be used topically, aromatically, and even ingested. Topical use is when you put the EOs directly on the skin either on the area needed or on what is called a Vitaflex point. Vitaflex point are areas on your feet or hands that speak to other areas of your body. Aromatic use is when you deeply inhale it from the bottle or diffuse the oils in an Essential Oil Diffuser. Lastly, EOs can be ingested in a capsule or in a your water, juice etc… as long as you use a real glass cup or water bottle.

 Now onto the next oils I introduced to my daughter.




Cedarwood was the next oil I started to use. Cedarwood is a calming and sedative type of oil.  This oil may help people “shut down” at night and calm their mind before they go to sleep.  Our daughter has always struggled to get a full night’s sleep. And since she doesn’t sleep, my husband and I don’t get to sleep either!  It’s been over 5 years since we’ve all been able to sleep through the night, and we were getting desperate! We use this oil in combination with Lavender before bed. Lavender is rubbed onto her shoulders and the bottom of her big toes and Cedarwood is rubbed onto the back of her neck on her brain stem area. Although Lavender is a great calming oil, adding Cedarwood to our nightly routine has been wonderful! Adding this oil has helped her fall asleep faster and to sleep for longer periods of time. We still are not sleeping full nights but we are all happy to be getting more sleep.




Grounding was the next Essential Oil we added.  Grounding is a blend of essential oils that provides a stabilizing influence. Children on the autism spectrum tend to like to go off into their own little world.  Grounding helps our daughter stay grounded in reality instead of trying to retreat into her own little fantasy world. She does still escape to her own world from time to time; when that happens, I just apply the Grounding onto her temples and it helps bring her back to our world. I can absolutely tell when I don’t use this oil on her!




Next, is  Joy.  It’s by far my little girl’s favorite oil! Joy is a blend of essential oils and it has very uplifting overtones. It creates energy and brings joy to the heart. We started out by diffusing this oil & in time began applying over her heart. I diffused it in her therapy room for several days. One day I forgot about it; her therapist came to me and said, “You know that thing that steams and smells good? Can you set that up please because it really helps her stay engaged and she stays in a happier mood !” It was very reassuring to know that even her therapists could tell how much it was helping! 


If you would like to know more on how you can get started with essential oils please feel free to contact me directly.  My email is  You can also enroll as a member on Young Livings website and use my Member ID 1807617 as your sponsor and enroller.

The Essential Family,

Nancy Frederick



The posts, testimonies and information provided on this site are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease or illness. Please be sure to always check with your health care professional before altering any prescription medication or starting a new health care regiment regardless. The suggested use of essential oils on this page are YOUNG LIVING EXCLUSIVE. We cannot be held responsible for damage done thru the use of off brand or synthetic essential oils, supplements or homeopathy suggested on this page. INGESTING SYNTHETIC or PERFUME GRADE essential oils is highly dangerous. These bottles are labeled “NOT for internal use”. Young Living essential oils are MEDICINAL grade, used internally in over 50 U.S. Hospitals and, will be noted on the label as “GRAS” by the FDA for internal use or as a food additive. 

3 Ways I Bless My Children


Yep, it’s Thursday again!  Time to share 3 things with you again.  Since my anniversary is done, I’ll not bore you with more things about my amazingly handsome husband.  Let’s move on to my adorable most days children!  I try to bless them on a regular basis as well as my husband.


2014-07-14 20.22.21


1. Stop and have fun!

I spend a ton of time with my kids.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But it can’t be all training and homeschooling.  I try to be spontaneous and fun on a regular basis.  Of course, school work comes first but if an evening appointment takes us right by the beach then maybe we could stop and watch the sunset.  Who cares if we run into the ocean in our clothes?


2014-05-31 11.13.51-1


2. Spend time with them individually.

Logan likes to go with me when I have to go to Disney for my personal shopper duties.  We have the most amazing conversations.  He doesn’t like to cook.  That’s ok because Madison does .  She loves to jump in to help in the kitchen.  JoJo loves to watch sports with me.  We jokingly refer to him as my football son.  Does it make some things harder by letting them help? Sometimes.  But I wouldn’t trade the memories in a lifetime.

2014-06-24 11.50.06


3.  If it’s important to them, then it’s important to me.

There’s an old saying that if you don’t listen to the little things then they won’t tell you the big things.  I struggle with this on a daily basis.  My kids talk a lot.  Someone is always talking in my house.  I have to tune some of what they say out or there would be a perpetual conversation going on.  I  remind myself constantly  to listen to some of it and respond.  If they come up to me alone and want to tell me something then I will pause to hear what they have to say.  It’s usually something silly like “Mom, watch this!” Or “Did you know that scientists dissected the first platypus found because they didn’t think it was real?”


How do you bless your children ?


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