Where they learn is not as important as what they learn.

Where They Learn Is Unimportant

Where children learn is unimportant is a gentle reminder that learning can take place anywhere.  One of the hang ups of public school is that children sit at a desk for long periods.  As any parent of a child with special needs like autism or ADHD knows , that is all but impossible for our… Read More »

Improving fine motor to help with handwriting is full of ideas to do OT at home with your child with autism .

Improving Fine Motor Skills to Help with Handwriting

Improving fine motor skills to help with handwriting is one of those therapy subjects in our home school.  What is a therapy subject?  A  therapy that goes into the planner to be done on a consistent basis to help with other subjects.  Because we home school we don’t get the luxury of in school therapies… Read More »

5 Ways to Find Their Developmental Level is day 2 of the 31 day series. In this one. we talk about the importance of finding your child's developmental level in order to make her successful.

5 Ways to Find Their Developmental Level

The number one  piece of advice that I give to people when they ask me about homeschooling children with autism is to forget their actual age.  They all look at me crazy and say what?  Seriously , forget about their chronological age (actual age at the moment).  Spend some time playing with them to find… Read More »

Day 1 of our 31 day series explains our reasoning behind why we homeschool our child with autism

Why We Home School Our Child With Autism

Why we chose to home school our child with autism is always a loaded question.  It’s hard to know how to answer because often there are many reasons.  You don’t want to list them all in fear of making the person’s eyes glaze over.  Just like every decision you make in deciding treatments for your… Read More »

Learn cutting edge treatments for autism with Dr Jeff Bradstreet from National Autism Conference 2014

Breakthrough Treatments in Autism with Dr Jeff Bradstreet

Breakthrough treatments in autism with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet came on Day 2 of the National Autism Conference 2014. As per his usual, the session was cutting edge with new treatments.  Sessions like these are when you really need someone taking notes alongside you so as to not miss anything.  There were several things that I… Read More »

31 Days of Homeschooling Tips for Moms

Are you looking for homeschooling tips for moms? Well, this is a great resource for just that! There are 26 homeschooling bloggers, who came together to provide our readers with 31 days of homeschooling tips, touching on 26 different topics. 31 Days of Homeschooling Tips for Moms We encourage you to take your time on… Read More »


Bachman Academy

This is a sponsored post.  I have not visited the campus nor researched the school .  All opinions in this post are not mine.  I offer it as an option for families that can’t or don’t want to homeschool high school with autism.      Bachman Academy is a school for students who are diagnosed… Read More »

Taking Another's Perspective in autism is a huge developmental milestone

Taking Another’s Perspective in Autism

Taking another’s perspective in autism is a big developmental milestone.  You have to think dynamically to see the world from another person’s viewpoint.  People with autism like to think in concrete details.  Static information that doesn’t change is more their forte.  You can see how this would be a skill that would have to consistently… Read More »

How we plan to spend our 104 days of summer vacation

104 Days Of Summer Vacation

“104 days of summer vacation until school comes along just to end it.”  This is the opening song to our favorite cartoon, Phineas And Ferb .   It only seems appropriate that it is our theme song for Logan’s last summer vacation before graduation.  Yes, my child with autism will graduate from high school next… Read More »

A simple haircut for mom can cause a person with autism to have difficulty

How A Haircut For Mom Can Wreak Havoc For A Kid With Autism

How a haircut for mom can wreak havoc for a kid with autism is not the title of a bad B movie.  In the world of autism there is sameness.  They like to do the same things at the same time every day.  They like things to be in the same spot.  They would even… Read More »