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Weekly Wrap Up: The One Where Reality Stinks!

Another week in the books!  That should be an accomplishment in itself.  The week after an awesome vacation is always  hard.  We managed to muddle through it though.  Sometimes that has to be enough.       We trudged through our usual lessons while doing a mountain of laundry.  That was the jist of our… Read More »

cruise day 1

Weekly Wrap Up: The Disney Cruise Edition

I have never figured out how everyone gets their weekly wrap ups done before the week is up.  Perhaps they do them on Thursday night.  As a fly by the seat of my pants girl through and through, that is not going to work at all.  Usually, I’m trying to get everything ready for Field… Read More »

washington dc

Explore With Urban Adventures Quest

I’m a fly by the seat of my pants girl.  Pre planning is not in my nature.  I know that we miss out on great events when we travel because I didn’t pre plan.  This is what happened last Easter when I visited my best friend , Julie, in Baltimore.  We traveled by train to… Read More »

Navigating the Teen Years with Autism : Public Restrooms

You have a teenager with autism.  That, in itself, is a feat.  There are so many obstacles to navigate that are invariably harder simply because your child is taller than you.  People see an adult when they look at them.   Public bathrooms can be treacherous while not being the safest place for a person with autism…. Read More »


Why We Took 2 Years Off From Formal Academics

Yep, you read that correctly.  When we made the decision to pull Logan out of public school near the end of the second grade, he was a wreck.  Emotionally spent from trying to keep up the public school pace as well as navigate the social nuances of his same age peers.  Peers that he was… Read More »


Why Measles At Disneyland Should Not Affect My Choice To Not Vaccinate

It’s all over the news.  There is a measles outbreak at Disneyland.  Of course it’s all because of those crazy , ignorant non vaxxers.  Don’t know what a non vaxxer is?  It’s a person who doesn’t vaccinate their children .  There could be a variety of reasons for it.  Your child could be immune suppressed… Read More »

Memories as a goal

Memories As A Goal

  I love this photo…         This is NOT saying Obedience is bad..just not the focus. Think about your own childhood, what memories stand out to you? When  we focus on competence in an activity, as in each person has a role, can make mistakes as part of the learning experience, and… Read More »

Weekly Wrap Up: The One Where Our New Schedule Rocks!

Another week is in the books.  This week brought some new changes to the Rogers Academy in that after 8 years of night shift , Michael aka Dad went to day shift.  This is a huge blessing to our family as it will put him in the office at the same time as some of… Read More »

Looking for The Ultimate Educational Field Trip at Walt Disney World?

By now you know not only of my love for Disney but also their Youth in Education classes.  I’ve teamed up with Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and 3-D Travel Company to bring you the Ultimate Educational Field Trip.  If you are in the Central Florida area or coming here this spring then you want to check… Read More »


Saying Goodbye to 102 year old Granny

The Monday after my birthday and before Logan’s  brought the passing of 102 year old Granny.  We knew it was coming as she had been moved to hospice just the week before. We spent lots of time with her the days preceding to her  passing.  She gave no indication that she knew we or her… Read More »