Making the Most of the Disability Access Pass at Epcot

Making the Most of the Disability Access Pass at Epcot

Making the most of the Disability Access Pass at Epcot is unusually easy.  Like the other parks, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, the pass only covers rides not shows.  Epcot does not have a plethora of rides to start but it is similar to Hollywood Studios in that it  has a two tiered system for… Read More »


Developmental vs Chronological Age

Developmental vs chronological age is so important to learn with your child with autism.  Logan used to hate to lose as in would have a complete meltdown if he lost. It was a  trait that we had to work on quite religiously for quite a while .  No one wants to play with a kid… Read More »

Ways we used theme parks to help remediate autism using RDI

Theme Parks, Autism & RDI

Sounds like an oxymoron, right. There is certainly no way you can work on remediating autism while at a theme park is what you are thinking. On the contrary, we have done some amazing things at our local theme parks. Of course, we are blessed in that we live in Central Florida so there are… Read More »

Weekly Wrap Up Easter Edition

Weekly Wrap Up: The Easter Edition

It’s been a few weeks since I did a weekly wrap up.  There have been so many changes in the Rogers Academy that have to be noted.  I’ve been slowly trying to come up with the appropriate ways to tell everyone what happened.  The truth is always right.  BUT sometimes I tell too  much about… Read More »


Making The Most Of The Disability Access Service Pass At Animal Kingdom

This week in our series about the Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass let’s talk about Animal Kingdom. I’ve explained what the pass entails as well as how to best use it in Hollywood Studios.  Animal Kingdom is similar to Hollywood Studios in that there are only a few rides and lots of shows.  As per… Read More »


Making the Most of the Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass at Hollywood Studios

Today we are going to spend the day at Hollywood Studios.  With some advance planning, it can be a fun day for everyone including your child with autism or other special needs.  As with all the other parks, planning will make or break your day.  It’s important to know what you can use your Disability… Read More »


A Mother’s Journey Through Pandas/Autism with Essential Oils : The Oils Arrive

Kathy shares her struggle and how she got to this point in post 1 and 2.  Read those first to know the story.   Months on the computer as my doctor discussed that this was bigger than her.  I should seek out a specialist since the antibiotic had stopped working.  He stayed on it though… Read More »

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Weekly Wrap Up: The Return From Baltimore So We Went On A Field Trip

This week brought our reluctant return from Baltimore and the Petersons.  We certainly could have stayed up there forever with our kindred spirits.  We traveled all day Monday stopping only to get gas or to find Starbucks cups.  Logan was so bummed that all the D.C. Starbucks were out of stock of the You Are… Read More »


How the Disability Access Pass Works at Walt Disney World

So you’re going to  Walt Disney World with your special needs child.  You know there is a pass that helps with the wait times but are unsure of where to get it or what is does/doesn’t do for rides.  In this basic how to post,  I answer the main questions of where, what and how… Read More »


A Mother’s Journey Through Pandas/Autism With Essential Oils : The Struggle

This is part 2 of a mother’s journey with Pandas and Essential Oils.  To see how Kathy got to this point, check out the beginning.    Like any mom, I googled PANDAS and read  all I could find.  I decided to do an experiment that I do not recommend but since this is my story,… Read More »