• Memories As A Goal
  • Weekly Wrap Up: The One Where Our New Schedule Rocks!
  • Looking for The Ultimate Educational Field Trip at Walt Disney World?
  • Saying Goodbye to 102 year old Granny
  • Mosaic Review #20 : Homeschool Planet
Memories as a goal

Memories As A Goal

  I love this photo…         This is NOT saying Obedience is bad..just not the focus. Think about your own childhood, what memories stand out to you? When  we focus on competence in an activity, as in each person has a role, can make mistakes as part of the learning experience, and… Read More »

Weekly Wrap Up: The One Where Our New Schedule Rocks!

Another week is in the books.  This week brought some new changes to the Rogers Academy in that after 8 years of night shift , Michael aka Dad went to day shift.  This is a huge blessing to our family as it will put him in the office at the same time as some of… Read More »

Looking for The Ultimate Educational Field Trip at Walt Disney World?

By now you know not only of my love for Disney but also their Youth in Education classes.  I’ve teamed up with Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and 3-D Travel Company to bring you the Ultimate Educational Field Trip.  If you are in the Central Florida area or coming here this spring then you want to check… Read More »


Saying Goodbye to 102 year old Granny

The Monday after my birthday and before Logan’s  brought the passing of 102 year old Granny.  We knew it was coming as she had been moved to hospice just the week before. We spent lots of time with her the days preceding to her  passing.  She gave no indication that she knew we or her… Read More »


Mosaic Review #20 : Homeschool Planet

At the beginning of the school year, I was asked to review an online planner with Home & School Mosaics team.  I love planners.  I love filling them out then checking the done boxes.  I had been trying to come up with an online solution to my paper planner in the mistaken assumption that it… Read More »


What is RDI? Integrating the flow of information

My son takes his driver’s license test in a few days.  As we were tightening up his parallel parking abilities for the perfect 1, 2 3 in… I thought about how some of the skill in parking is getting a feel for it!  Its not a give me what to do and I will do… Read More »

My 2 favorite people getting baptized on my birthday in 2011

The God of Details

I recently had what was arguably the worst month of my adult life.  That is a feat in itself considering it was December and  I have a birthday and Christmas in that month.  Typically, it is a month of festivities with only one non birthday week in the entire month.  How could you not have fun with… Read More »


3 Facebook Groups to Join for Essential Oils & Autism

You learned about essential oils and autism.  You have the oils.  You have certain symptoms that need attention but don’t know what to do about them.  The best place that I have found to get lots of advice and help is from Facebook groups.  My only advice is to turn off notifications. Here are my… Read More »


5 Ways To Help Your Child with Autism Survive Your Hospital Stay

There are time in life when you can’t get around a hospital stay for yourself.  Unfortunately if you are the primary caregiver for your child with autism then this poses a problem.  After a recent hospital stay for myself, we learned a few things that helped Logan cope with this change in his routine.  No… Read More »


Getting Dad Involved in Homeschooling

Moms wear many hats.  Wife, mother, teacher.therapist,  taxi driver, primary caregiver.  It’s quite a juggle and/or struggle to keep switching hats to perform the many duties being a mom requires us to do.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am a recovering control freak meaning that I don’t like to hand off… Read More »