31 Days of Homeschooling Using Disney Parks



I’m so excited for it to finally be October!  As I have done previously, I am joining in the Nester’s challenge to post every day this month.  After my wonderous adventures at Walt Disney World recently, a thought occurred to me.  Why not post how we homeschool using the Parks for the 31 days.  Surely, I am not the only one interested in this approach. After all, it’s the most magical place on earth!


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I’m going to be showing you not only all the programs and wonderful things that Disney has to offer at their parks for homeschooling but also things you can do on your own while you are there.  Some things will require advance planning and items.  All will be able to be completed easily and quickly.  Always keeping in mind that all work and no play makes for a grumpy set of children.  Don’t let on to the students here at the Rogers Academy but we are learning even while we are playing.  SHHHHH!  


I hope you will join me all month.  There will be giveaways, guest posts and lots of other crazy happenings.  I’ll be sharing tidbits all month over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow there as well.  Want to see something in particular as a focus this month?  Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best.  Every post will have the prior posts for the month linked at the bottom making the series easy to find.  Have a magical home school day!


LIfePac Geometry Review


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When I saw the opportunity to review something from Alpha Omega Publications. I did a happy dance in the kitchen.  This is the company that provides the curriculum for the Duggars.  I figured if it worked for their family with 19 children then certainly it might work for our family.  

I am mathmatically challenged. That is not a secret here in autismland.  When the children get to higher level maths, they must move on to Michael teaching them.  Logan really struggled with Algebra 1.  I struggled with finding a program that worked for him.  We settled on Teaching Textbooks which worked for him.  Unfortunately  it took us two years to finish it.  Now, he’s a tad behind in math.  I am not panicked. He can easily do it before graduation.

Now, higher level maths are not cheap.  Really , higher level anythings are not cheap.  When I looked through all their courses , of which there are a plethora, I thought it only wise to pick one for Logan. After discussing what he liked and disliked about Teaching Textbooks, we decided on Lifepac Geometry




Logan liked that it was split up into many packs of books.  He seemed to like being able to finish a complete book  then take the test.  It gave him a sense of accomplishment to go through the books.  The directions were clear although he did need to have Michael explain a few things to him.  While this could be good for an independent learner, someone should be around to clarify formulas and theorems  .  That’s a job for Super Dad here in autismland. 


I liked the teacher’s manual.  I was able to correct his work which streamlined the job for Michael.  This made it more likely for math to get done before he left on work days. The tests made sure Logan knew the concepts before moving on to another one.  If he failed the test for that pack then we went back and redid it.  I liked having the ability to do that easily. 


We certainly enjoyed it and will most likely continue with this program for Logan.  He thoroughly enjoyed it so why mess with it if it’s working.  Don’t forget that we are doing a giveaway for a free subject of your choice and a $50 Amazon card!

Price:  $66.95 complete set including teacher’s manual


I received this product for free for review purposes. I was not obligated to provide a good review.  All opinions are 100% my very own. 


Rogers Academy Week 7: Disney, Disney, Disney

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  What a week! It started with the whole family being able to go to Walt Disney World for 3 days for a blogger event.  The kids were ecstatic to stay at The Yacht Club which in Logan’s words was so fancy he needed a monocle.  Only Logan.           I meant […]

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The History of Autism

Source: Masters-in-Special-Education.com   This is a great graphic.  So easy to understand and the statistics are impressive.  I don’t agree with the end that the increase is due to better diagnosis.  It’s still great information.  Enjoy!

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Rogers Academy Week 6: Baseball , Dance , and Disney

2014-09-15 20.46.55

  What a week!  Whew! Someday, I’m gonna look back at this and say how did I do all that?  Can I do it again? The week started with Madison going to her first official ballet audition.  She wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up.  Well, it’s on her short list of […]

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3 Ways To Bless A Sibling


It seems only far that on a week that we celebrate one of our sibling’s birth that we also come up with 3 ways to bless them.  It was my brother in law’s birthday on Monday.  My husband called him to say “Happy Birthday”  but that was it. No get together.  No cake .  No […]

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Amazing Alpha Omega Publications Giveaway


It’s not a secret that I’m math challenged.  So, when one of the kids struggle with it, I have a hard time finding a solution.  We were blessed with a review of the Lifepac for Geometry from Alpha Omega Publications.  That review is slated for the 15th.  I couldn’t keep this quiet until then. I […]

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Rogers Academy Week 5 : The Full Schedule Begins

2014-09-10 16.13.02-2

  And we’re off!  Our break is over.  Life has gone full steam ahead.  All of our activities have begun.  Marine biology, youth group, 4-H, writing class, and dance were on the agenda for this week.  We missed writing class and 4-H because Logan was under the weather but he managed to overcome it by […]

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3 Ways to Bless A Neighbor


    Let’s talk neighbors.  We have lived in the same house for 11 years.  The house that Michael’s grandfather built in 1960.  It’s a slightly rural area so we don’t have a ton of neighbors.  Half of the few we have are actually related to us.  Makes life interesting to say the least.  It’s […]

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8 Ways to Get Grandparents Involved In Your Child’s Life

Happy Grandparents’ Day!  I’m not sure how the first Sunday in September became Grandparents’ Day.  Probably a conspiracy by Hallmark. Ha!  Whatever the reason, today is a day to celebrate the grandparents in your life, be it your own or your children’s.  Both of my grandparents have been gone for years but Michael has a […]

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