Joint compressions are a way for proprioceptive input

Sensory Brushing & Joint Compressions For Autism

Sensory brushing & joint compressions  for autism are one way to reset a child’s sensory system.  The goal here is to help their overloaded sensory system to reset or reboot. It sort of turns off or lessens some of the stimuli going on in his nervous system.  This helps him to focus better.  Think of… Read More »

Finding Florida is all about the beaches!

Finding Florida: Beaches

Finding Florida: Beaches edition is the way we justify going to the beach to supplement our Florida studies. We live literally 20 – 30 minutes from the beach.  You can’t have 104 days of summer vacation without many trips to the beach. If you’ve followed along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook then you’ve seen some of… Read More »

Want to get your kid to hate reading? Of course not! Here are 5 ways you may inadvertently be doing just that!

5 Ways To Teach Your Child To Hate Reading

Madison hated to read at one point. Which is quite hilarious considering she is quite the voracious reader now.  I’m sure she would read the junk mail if I didn’t drop it in the recycling bin on the way out of the post office.  This could have definitely gone the other way. I could have… Read More »

Dr Rossignol from Rossignol Medical Centers did an amazing lecture at the National Autism Conference on how some medical problems can contribute to autism like symptoms

Medical Problems Potentially Contributing To Autism

Medical problems potentially contributing to autism was one of the first sessions I attended at last years National Autism Conference. Given by a MAPS doctor, Dr. Dan Rossignol, it certainly overflowed with information for parents and medical professionals alike.  Dr. Rossignol is a speaker  who has two children with autism.  He walks the same road… Read More »

10 Ways

10 Ways We Are Already Thinking Christmas

It’s almost the end of summer!  Can you believe it?  Time to get moving on Christmas.  I know what you are thinking.  Penny, it’s not even Halloween yet.  Yes, I realize that we have quite a bit of time until Christmas.  If you are wanting a hassle free relaxed holiday then now is the time… Read More »

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Finding Florida : Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Finding Florida this week brings us to Bluefoot Pirate Adventures children’s pirate cruise located in Fort Lauderdale. Where children and adults alike come to experience the magic of a pirate cruise sailing in South Florida in search of treasures.  The adventure is geared toward children but parents will enjoy it as well.    Upon arrival… Read More »

Recap of the Living Education Retreat 2015

Living Education Retreat 2015

This past winter I was ecstatic to learn that I had gotten in to the Living Education Retreat in July.  Oh my goodness!  This is always talked about as the premiere retreat to attend to learn more about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.  They purposely keep it small so as to be able to… Read More »

Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Finding Florida : Salvador Dali Museum

Finding Florida brings us to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.  This is one of our favorite art museums locally to visit as it is so close to Sunken Gardens, Tropicana Field and Raymond James Stadium.  The building as well as the art are certainly worth the hour drive for our family. The… Read More »

Why wandering in children with autism is a bigger problem in America than a lion dying in Zimbabwe

Why Wandering Is A Bigger Problem in America Than A Lion

Why wandering is a bigger problem in American than a lion dying in Zimbabwe seems to be a nonsensical question to me.  Since June 1, 2015 , 16 children with autism have wandered off and drowned in bodies of water.  That is a staggering number.  Yet most Americans can’t name one of them.  Ask someone… Read More »

The church needs to make an effort to help families with special needs.

How The Church Is Failing Special Needs Families

How the church is failing special needs families in these modern times is a real travesty.  It’s understandable in a day and age when everyone is so busy with their own schedule.  Isn’t that Satan’ greatest asset though?  He aims to keep you busy with trivial stuff so you won’t be about the work of… Read More »