The church needs to make an effort to help families with special needs.

How The Church Is Failing Special Needs Families

How the church is failing special needs families in these modern times is a real travesty.  It’s understandable in a day and age when everyone is so busy with their own schedule.  Isn’t that Satan’ greatest asset though?  He aims to keep you busy with trivial stuff so you won’t be about the work of… Read More »

Customizing coursework for careers without college is an integral part of independence in your child with autism.

Customizing Coursework For Careers Without College

Customizing coursework for careers without college is relatively simple.  Since you have already decided that college isn’t in your child’s future, you don’t have to worry about jumping through those hoops. Transcripts become unimportant.  You  have the freedom to take your child’s interests into account as you plan his coursework. It literally opens up a… Read More »

Is there a window of opportunity in autism? Is all hope lost if your child is older?

Is There A Window of Opportunity?

Is there a window of opportunity in autism?  Does it magically shut at a certain age? The theory is that all hope is lost at that point. The child can’t learn anything new .  You grieve the fact that you didn’t know about that treatment before it was too late.  You might as well lose… Read More »

Incorporating adaptive technology into your homeschool helps to continue to improve skills while working on others

Incorporating Adaptive Technology Into Your Home School

Incorporating adaptive technology into your home school is a phenomenal way to help your child learn without getting bogged down.  Sometimes our children with autism can’t do certain things physically .  We are working on those weaknesses.  Do we stop teaching them just because they can’t physically do it? Sometimes the answer is yes.  More… Read More »

Teaching life skills to your children is a great idea regardless of disability.

Teaching Life Skills In Your Curriculum

Teaching life skills in your curriculum to your children is a great idea regardless of disability.  All children need to know that how to take care of themselves and their households.  Sometimes with our children with autism we are looking at semi independent living such as in an apartment with supports or in a group… Read More »

What if college isn't in your child's future? What are your options then?

What If College Isn’t In Your Child’s Future?

What if college isn’t in your child’s future? Let’s not dance around reality.   I have a child with autism who didn’t speak a word until after his 5th birthday.  Autism brings challenges that may or may not make college a reality for him right after high school.  He may not be able to take… Read More »

Doing community service with your child with autism doesn't have to be a chore. Think outside the box for a way to work as a team

Doing Community Service With Your Child With Autism

Doing community service with your child with autism can be tricky.  They really can’t go  somewhere alone to serve  nor would you want them to for that matter.  Most colleges and scholarship opportunities require some sort of community service.  It’s also an excellent character trait to instill in your children regardless of special needs. How… Read More »

Ways to teach art in your homeschool if you aren't artistic

Teaching Art By Making A Placemat

Teaching art is as easy as making a placemat. A fellow homeschooling mom shared this tip with me many years ago. She is the mom of 11 children . We were talking about time management and trying to fit in all the subjects that we think we should be teaching. I want to teach my… Read More »

Therapy subjects can certainly count as high school credit.

Therapy Subjects Count For Credit In High School

Therapy subjects count for credit in high school.  What is a therapy subject?  Any subject your child with autism does that helps to remediate his autism .  Occupational therapy, fine motor, physical therapy, social skills training, RDI,  all have counted as a credit or half credit somewhere in Logan’s high school career In my opinion… Read More »

Using field trips is a great way to enhance your homeschool learning

Using Field Trips To Enhance Learning

Everywhere can be a field trip has been my mantra since I started homeschooling.  There is something to learn at every place you visit be it for therapy , fun or vacation.  We incorporate community service,  Florida history and Fun Fridays  into our week.  Lots of moms limit the amount of field trips that their home… Read More »