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It’s not a secret that I’m math challenged.  So, when one of the kids struggle with it, I have a hard time finding a solution.  We were blessed with a review of the Lifepac for Geometry from Alpha Omega Publications.  That review is slated for the 15th.  I couldn’t keep this quiet until then.

I am blessed to bring you an amazing giveaway from Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division. The winner will receive one subject from each of the main product lines plus a $50 Amazon gift card. That could be a retail value of $450! To enter, please use the form below.

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Rogers Academy Week 5 : The Full Schedule Begins

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And we’re off!  Our break is over.  Life has gone full steam ahead.  All of our activities have begun.  Marine biology, youth group, 4-H, writing class, and dance were on the agenda for this week.  We missed writing class and 4-H because Logan was under the weather but he managed to overcome it by Wednesday.

Wednesday was the first day of dance for Madison at her new studio.  She now has dance 4 days a week.  It will a lot for her but she was so happy.  Considering her health issues last year, we are delighted to see her dancing again.

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It was our first week back from break.  Logan is up to date on his lessons .  Alas, the littles are not.  It will certainly be more of a struggle for them.  An area we need to work on for sure.  All of our together lessons start this week.  It’s motivating for me to get them done on time in order to get a break as well.  I’d like to say we did amazing but that would be less than truthful.  I should use this weekend to get more organized.  Ha! Who am I kidding?  We have the Reptile Expo and Nutcracker tryouts this weekend.  I’ll be lucky to breathe!


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We did manage to get Spanish completed.  Only because a sweet college girl from church, Dubelsa, has agreed to be our tutor.  Rosetta Stone was not working for Logan at all.  She is doing it with all 3 kids .  They had a blast.  I am so thankful for her.

No field trips this week although we are spending this afternoon with homeschool friends swimming then doing marine biology experiments together.  How was your week?


3 Ways to Bless A Neighbor


    Let’s talk neighbors.  We have lived in the same house for 11 years.  The house that Michael’s grandfather built in 1960.  It’s a slightly rural area so we don’t have a ton of neighbors.  Half of the few we have are actually related to us.  Makes life interesting to say the least.  It’s […]

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8 Ways to Get Grandparents Involved In Your Child’s Life

Happy Grandparents’ Day!  I’m not sure how the first Sunday in September became Grandparents’ Day.  Probably a conspiracy by Hallmark. Ha!  Whatever the reason, today is a day to celebrate the grandparents in your life, be it your own or your children’s.  Both of my grandparents have been gone for years but Michael has a […]

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3 Ways To Bless Grandparents


In honor of Grandparent’s Day coming up on Sunday, I thought I’d talk about 3 ways to bless grandparents this week.   Grandparents can be tough to bless especially when they are cantankerous or have everything .  Everyone can be blessed .  Sometimes you have to look at bit harder and work at it . […]

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Figuring out a workable schedule


This is a work in progress in my house.  I don’t know about anyone else but we have not nailed down a schedule that works the majority of the time. Heck, we can’t figure one out that works at least half the time.  This really hit home as I look at Logan’s high school calendar […]

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Rogers Academy Week 3:

2014-08-24 19.39.37-2

    Shut the front door!  Week 3 already!  How did that happen?  I swear time is going at warp speed nowadays. This week, we are still easing into our routine. I have to say that the children are excited at the prospect of a week off next week. That’s not to say that they […]

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3 Ways to Bless A Teacher


  Here in sunny, scorching Florida, the children have gone back to school.  As you know, we homeschool year round.  This post isn’t about me or homeschool.  Sometimes homeschooling is not an option.  You have to work, the children need more services than you can give, etc. etc.  It’s neither here nor there why you […]

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Using Essential Oils For Autism Wrap Up

Here’s the final post from guest writer, Nancy, in our series on essential oils .   Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 PArt 4  Hello and Welcome Back!  I have truly enjoyed sharing with you how we have used essential oils in our home to help our daughter grow.  Today I am going to squeeze […]

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Together Lessons for 2014-2015

The Rogers Academy

  The Rogers Academy has entered new territory.  There are no elementary age children anymore.  There is a high school junior, a 7th grader , and a 6th grader.  Sniff, sniff.  It’s kinda sad and exciting at the same time. Lots of independent work happening here.  We spent the last half of last school year […]

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